Creative Log Cabins is currently not taking any new projects due owners serious health condition.

Our business will be going up for sale within the next week.  Opportunity to own a turn key log cabin construction company with 12 years of clients.  Business with NO DEBT includes website, logo, phone number, marketing material, client list, and can be purchased with or without equipment, tools, and building materials.

Contact Shawn at 715-582-9951 or email


Q: Why do you charge $52 per sqft for the loft?

A: Creative Log Cabins includes more items in the square footage price. There is no extra charge for a covered porch with finished ceiling, 24″ overhangs, stained & caulked, exterior trimmed with cedar are standard on all our cabins. Kiln dried logs are all we use for the building of cabins. This is an easier way for the customer to estimate the cost of their future log cabin.

Q: Why used kiln dried logs?

A: Benefits of Kiln Dried Logs:
Kiln-drying stabilizes the wood
Kiln-drying, before the milling of the logs, maintains quality
Most checks occur during drying
Logs are turned in the milling process to maximize the best possible finish
Kiln-drying kills wood boring insects and decay fungi
(dead standing & pre-seasonal logs harbor both of these)
Kiln-drying sets the pitch and prevents pitch bleed
Kiln-dried logs are lighter, thereby saving in the cost of transportation

Q. Do you do complete Turnkey cabins?

A: Yes, Creative Log Cabins can and does complete turnkey packages. From the permits, excavation and all the sub-contractors. These have to be priced out on each customers needs. There are just to many variables to turnkey cabins. Interior wall and floor finishing to kitchen cabinets. Please call for further questions regarding this, I can give you a ballpark price on interiors.

Q: How do I protect my log home from nature’s elements?

A: Adequate roof overhangs and eaves troughs will help, as insects and fungi prefer damp wood. Log finishes should be a high-quality product and allow the wood to breath while serving as a water repellent. There are a variety of products on the market.

Q: How often will I have to reapply finishes? 

A: To preserve the natural beauty of a log home, routine maintenance is essential. The natural elements (rain, wind, sun) where your home is located will determine how often you will need to refinish or reseal, as well as the quality of product used. Regular exterior maintenance, inspecting logs for large cracks that catch water, etc. will assist in avoiding costly repairs.

Q: Are log homes energy efficient?

A: Yes, if they are built properly log homes are very efficient because of the thermal mass of the logs. A well built log home is typically cool in the summer and warm in the winter.