Log Home Pricing

Starting Price: $52.00/ Sq. Ft. Of Floor/Living Space
Square foot calculation based on first floor plus loft dimensions

Included In Pricing For Weather Tight Shell Concrete Slab Or Sub-Floor Over Your Basement

• 6″ x 8″ Kiln Dried White Pine Milled Logs
• D-style milled logs for walls
• Tongue and groove top to bottom of logs
• Butt & Pass corners that are doweled and glued
• Labor and material to erect weather-tite shell
• Pine 2” x 6” window and door frames
• 24” gable and eave overhangs
• Aluminum soffit and fascia
• H1 hurricane straps at each truss to top plate joint
• Gable ends are framed, sheeted, house wrap and 2” x 8” log siding
• Interior and bearing walls studded
• Loft with 6” x 6″ pine beams an 2” x 6” pine T&G flooring
• Exterior box beam wrapped with cedar
• Porch overhang with 1” x 6” pine matchlock finished ceiling
• 6” x 6” porch posts ( 4 included )
• 8 windows and 2 service doors ( vinyl sliders )
• Exterior trimmed with cedar
• Staining & Caulking of Exterior
• Pine tread staircase to loft
• 30 year architectural shingles

Items Not Included But Can Be Done By Creative Log Cabins

• Permits
• Blueprints
• Decks and railings
• Interior finishing • Block or poured basements
• Sub-contractors for plumbing, heating, electrical and excavation

Pricing FAQ

Q: Why do you charge $52 per sqft for the loft?

A: Creative Log Cabins includes more finished items in the square footage price. There is no extra charge for a covered porch with finished ceiling, stained & caulked exterior, and 24″ overhanges are standard on all our cabins. This is an easier way for the customer to estimate the cost of their future log cabin.